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New Content Network Competition

Posted by on August 28, 2009 03:34 PM

Google announced recently here that they are going to allow other approved ad networks to compete for space on their ad network. 

This in turn should bring new competition for AdWords content network advertisers.

This story highlights the opportunity still available for AdWords advertisers.  The amount of competition is limited and there is a lot of ad space you can easily take.

And, even with the new competition, you can still profit by doing it the right way.

Here are a few tips to profit from the content network:

  • Separate your search and content campaigns (create two campaigns),
  • Consider using placement targeting (where you select the sites your ads appear on),  
  • Create image ads (this is where the majority of the opportunity is to get profitable traffic),
  • Focus on attracting the person who is most likely to buy (your target customer, not just everybody) with your ads. 
  • Work on optimizing your landing pages to convert visitors in loyal followers.  

The content network is different from search in that folks may be in the middle of reading their favorite websites and not actively searching for information.  You've got to work harder in getting them in the door and keeping them there.  The same sales process that works for search may not be the most effective for content.  At the same time, the audience size you can tap into is huge and often you do it at bargain basement rates.

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