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Google Revamped Google Maps!

Posted by on September 19, 2011 01:43 PM

To provide accurate information about a business, and get rid of spammy updates about their operations, Google has revamped the display of 'closed business' information on Google Maps. This move by Google comes in after several reports of "place closed" spam labels happening all over the internet.

From now on Google will not be posting the interim message 'Reported To Be Closed' about a business on its place page, Rather, from now onwards it will first review every such news that will come to its knowledge. Then, after getting sure about the authenticity of the information, only then will Google report the business to be 'Closed'.

Google said, “As promised, we've recently made a change to our process of displaying when a business has been reported to be closed on its place page. More specifically, we have removed the interim notification about a report having been made so that a listing will only be updated after it has been reviewed by Google and we believe the change to be accurate.Google-map

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